Turning Point Counseling is a training facility that utilizes counselors with various levels of experience. In the search for a counselor who might be a good fit, understanding the different levels and terms is of benefit.

A counseling intern is a graduate level student who is still in school and working towards their degree. Interns are under weekly supervision by an experienced counselor in the field. Interns hold a great deal of knowledge and often know the latest and most current research as part of their education. Because interns have the least amount of clinical experience, they offer much lower rates and can also see pro bono clients if finances are a preventing factor. Candidates have graduated with their degree in counseling but are still under weekly supervision until they meet their hour requirements by the state board. It takes two plus years to accrue enough clinical hours to be licensed by the state.

Candidates have passed all of the required tests to practice in the field and have the continued benefit of being under the guidance of an experienced clinician. Candidates also offer reduced rates as they continue in their training pursuits and work towards licensure. Neither interns nor candidates are able to accept any type of insurance.

LPC's and LMFT's are licensed by the state of Oklahoma and operate as independent contractors. Licensed clinicians have been in practice for several years and are required to maintain 20+ hours of continuing education per year.

Turning Point is committed to offering consistent consultation and education as part of our development, and strive to share the most up to date knowledge that we can with our clients.

Turning Point Counseling operates out of 3 different buildings within the same complex. Please verify with your counselor which building they office from before your first appointment.

All counselors have the ability to work from a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform. Please let your counselor know if you prefer to utilize telehealth for your counseling sessions.